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Competitive remuneration and welfare
Year-end bonus
Rewards for excellent staff and excellent team
Seniority award
Holiday benefits
Long service award
Birthday benefit
Management tool for core talent
Identify the critical position
Identify the core talent
Create talent mapping
Create succession planning
Create development planning for core talent
Result follow-up for dynamic management
Diversified talent training modes
On-the-job-training actions
Off-the-job-training actions
Training from the leader
Dispatched to other region
Cross-department cooperative project
Internal tutor
Responsibility expanding
Job rotation
Perfect promotion mechanism and development platform
Promotion through management channel
Wide promotion space such as: shift leader, team leader, section supervisor, managerial supervisor, director level etc.
Promotion through professional and technical channel
Wide promotion space such as: intern, assistant engineer, engineer, experienced engineer, senior engineer, chief engineer etc.
Diversified development platform
The platform supports horizontal development and vertical promotion, build up multi-skilled talent comprehensively; Resource and system is shared within the group, Talent flows throughout the country
Happy work, happy life
The company gives full support to enrich the staff's amateur cultural life, exercise their bodies, strengthen their physical prowess, and enhance the team cooperation by holding various activities regularly.
Family day
Golf tournament
Old employees receiving awards
Outstanding staffs traveling
Sports meeting
Talent recruitment
Resume selection
HR interview
Department leader interview
We appreciate your interests in working in Engley. Please perform on-line search on the websites such as zhaopin.com, 51job.com and liepin.com etc. Seeking for job positions according to your skills and interests and submit your resume. Or you can also send your resume directly to the following E-mail address: zhangdongyi@engley.net
We will thoroughly review your application. Depending on the position you apply for, we will contact you and schedule an interview.
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