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Release time:2021-12-22

At the beginning of 2021, in order to promote the company's culture, Tianjin Engley organized an eT culture festival. And near the beginning of the event, the alarm bell of the COVID19 prevention sounded again. The policy of "external prevention of importation and internal prevention of rebound" became the main prevention and control work of Engley. In order to control the outbreak of COVID19 meanwhile keep the normal production work, the film festival event was changed from offline to online. And the content of the event was changed to online movie shows and eT culture knowledge contests.

Every day at noon, we make full use of the staff's meal and rest time to watch the movie in loop, aiming to let the staff understand more deeply for the origin of Engley’s eT culture. Some of the classic clips are still fresh in the mind: In an emergency, Elliott's telepathic connection with e·T is missing. It is love that makes the e·T in the dying moments still cared about the safety of Elliott. In order to keep him away from death, he cut off the telepathic connection. The trust between them deeply touched us. Who said aliens don't have emotions? This is emotion. The willingness of one side to give up the life for the other to bring it back to life again. This requires great courage, not to mention that they are two children from different planets, at this time they are no longer just two children, but a group, so their friendship is so precious.

When the sunflower miraculously blossomed when Elliott left the room, the e·T woke up! Elliott then rescued e·T with other boys, and they form a bike team to escort e·T to the forest clearing, while e-T uses his superpowers to send the bikes flying up over the sun at dusk. This not only demonstrates the importance of communication and trust, but also proves that they are a team. The spacecraft landed, and Elliott quietly walked up to e·T and said I love you to e·T, so he did. They then had their last, most affectionate hug. e·T pointed to Elliott's brow and said the last thing: "I’ll stay here.” Because of the grateful heart that e·T has, the e·T does not want to leave the little ones. And all these moved us to tears. With love we can to protect every life, warm the whole universe and become a big family. Love can get through all the barriers, it is a beautiful channel to happiness and joy.

Although they are only the briefest encounter in the fairy tale, it is a lifetime of memories and warmth. I think in a decade or so, the old Elliott and e·T will surely find memories of each other in their minds in the distance of hundreds of thousands of light years - they will always be alive in their minds, always simple, beautiful and pure, never get old and never faded. The e·T is a very famous American movie. It’s about how the earthman help the alien to return home. The whole story is about communication, mutual trust and gratitude between the alien and the earthman. And the main character is helped by a small team of partners to finally complete the mission. At the same time, it also explains Engley’s corporate culture, which is a slightly acidic, not hot, but with real warmth. 

A company's culture is the concentrated reflection of the world view, the view of life and the sense of value of all its employees, and it is the soul of building a harmonious enterprise. We not only organized a film festival online eT culture knowledge contest in January, but also organized a light weight VAVE program for energy saving and cost reduction in February. And a photo contest in March, which had a very high level of employee participation, especially the cumulative number of votes for the photo contest reached 9,958, which allowed every Engley employee to communicate with each other, improve understanding and cooperate perfectly, and also showed to the outside world that Engley is a team with cohesive force. These three events awarded commemorative prizes. Care for the staff is the embodiment of corporate love while staff thanks to the company is the return of love; care and thank to form a harmonious unity to create a happy company life. These elements are also the original purpose of Engley group's corporate culture, which makes Engley stronger and stronger. The values and corporate culture in the film "eT Aliens" also led Engley's employees to enter Engley life in a real sense.

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