“Achieving dreams, Making brilliance" - To Youth - My love for Engley
Release time:2021-12-07

Time flies like an arrow. In a flash, I have been working in Chengdu Engley for 7 years and 5 months, time is like a white horse passing by, every day I’ve experienced will forever become a fragment of my memory, when I look back, there is always something so clear in my mind, and when experienced them, and then go back to review, there will always be a lot of emotions in the heart.

On June 6, 2013, I joined the Chengdu Engly family as an operator in the stamping line. The hardships and difficulties in the production line did not defeat my mind, but they inspired me to overcome the difficulties and to keep learning and honing my potential. And I was quickly integrated into my team. I also won accreditation from the colleagues and leaders for my efforts and capabilities. I was developed from a normal stamping work to a junior manager.

"I am still the same teenager once, without a single change, time is just a test, planted in the heart of the faith has not diminished in the slightest, the teenager in front of me or the initial face, before more hardships and never retreat.” On the road to growth, there are some setbacks and sorrows, bumps and hardships, but also because of these let me from the once the world of the naive teenager slowly become mature. Engley's characteristic of not being overbearing and facing up to difficulties inspired me and moved me to keep learning and training, and I gave Engley the best time in my life, and Engley also led me to grow step by step. The working experience in Chengdu Engley is also a valuable treasure in my life. "How many more decades can be brave enough to be a hot-blooded youth, and how many more decades can stick to the original belief.” Ten years to build a tree, one hundred years to build a human being, ten years of journey, ten years of harvest.

The company is like a book, and we are the faithful readers who will be captivated when we open each page of the colorful book. Each year's big events are holding the hard work and sweat of every Engley person, and each picture is also preserved with sincerity. Every busy working day, every difficult project, every technical achievement, every overtime moment, etc., so many moments are presented one by one, only to find that this book, as readers, we are also the writers, every laughter and loss we experienced, every success we shared, every failure we summarized, will become the motivation to achieve a better mission and vision, and continue to write a magnificent chapter for Engley.

As the time and market changes, Engley is forging ahead like always, facing the difficulties and surpassing itself, holding the faith of “always one step ahead”, with passion and dream, hardworking, continuous development, and pursuing excellence, which also makes me proud and honored to be an Engley staff.

"Friendship lasts forever, those days are no more, one word, one lifetime, one lifetime of love, a glass of wine". A good company can never be separated from an excellent corporate culture. The CEO brought us a new management tool which is OKR. And the ET culture is also introduced. It demonstrates clear vision, mission and value. The operators in Chengdu Engley followed the group strategy, seeking for optimization and improvement, control the current operative costs and offer the customer a better quality and a better service. Every laugh and joke between employees in the birthday dinner, every happy smile after winning the prize at the year-end party, the impromptu performance of colleagues in the group building activities, the use of employees' names to release the announcement of rationalization suggestions, etc., all show the company's respect and gratitude for the hard work of employees.

Looking back, we have youth and fervor all the way; looking forward, we are courageous and brilliant; galloping forward, we are fearless and achieve our dreams; crossing hardships, we achieve hope and sweetness; soaring wings, we soar into the sky and fly freely. Let's uphold the corporate values of "communication, team, trust and thank", practice cost control, quality improvement, efficiency improvement and culture construction, and work together to make Engley group a leader in lightweight solutions in order to achieve the mission of "Good company, Good life". Corporate culture is the soul and cornerstone of an enterprise, it is like a bridge that connects you and me, connects us and Engley, and makes us rely on each other. Thanks to you, we believe that Engley will have a brilliant future!

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