Fire safety is everyone's responsibility
Release time:2021-12-07

There is a proverb “water and fire do not spare". It can be seen that since ancient times people are paying great attention to the fire. Fire hazard can not only lead to economic loss but also result in casualty. Now it is a fire season.


2021 National Security Month theme:implementing security responsibilities and promoting security development. In order to thoroughly implement the important statement of General Secretary XI Jinping on production safety, promote the company's production safety work, organize the work of this year's "Production Safety Month", how to effectively deal with emergencies in the shortest possible time, reduce the loss of life and property, we need to master the knowledge of self-help and preliminary fire emergency treatment, through learning and practical exercises to improve the ability to respond to effectively ensure the safety of employees' lives and company property.

The EHS group and departments of the company carried out theoretical study, in-depth study and watch general secretary XI Jinping's important discussion on production safety, and special study of "Life Is Weighter than Mount Tai - study general secretary XI Jinping's important discussion on production safety" TV feature film. Educates and leads the employees to better engage in safety work, to achieve the "three musts of safety production” which is the management of industry must be safe, the management of business must be safe, and the management of production and operation must be safe. In accordance with the "three musts", the company will continue to promote the important thesis of general secretary XI Jinping, which is production safety must be kept in mind, performed in action, and become the conscious action to implement the responsibility of production safety, to maintain the stability of the company's production safety, and to create a good safety environment for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CCP.

Suzhou Engley has always designated June as the company's safety month, and will organize relevant training and fire drills at the same time. On June 21, Mr. ZHANG organized and led the company to carry out a fire safety knowledge training and fire drills for all employees.

Dropping smoke generators in the workshop to practically rehearse a fire situation. The whole process was carried out in an orderly manner by using dry powder fire extinguishers at the scene to extinguish the fire, mastering how to escape in the correct way during evacuation, how to call the fire brigade if a fire is found, and contacting the company leaders for on-site organization. After the collection of all personnel, the emergency team leader, YANG made a check to ensure that all employees are safely evacuated to the emergency collection point. After the drill, the EHS specialist explained how to use the fire extinguishers, fire hoses, emergency equipment. And a on-site fire safety quiz was held. Employees from all departments actively participated in various fire equipment drills and quiz. Through this activity, we let employees understand that fire safety work cannot be accomplished by one person alone, make them realize the importance of cultivating good fire safety awareness, and effectively improve their awareness of fire safety and their ability to deal with emergencies in case of fire. Fire safety is closely related to everyone, disaster happens in a moment. But prevention needs to be performed in the daily work. let's start from the daily work, cherish life, do a good job of fire prevention, in order to avoid disasters, to maintain our own lives and the health of others.

Fire safety is everyone's responsibility.

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