Improvements and maintenance of the workshop environment
Release time:2021-12-07

The employees can only offer a good output when they have good working. Creating a good working environment can trigger the employees’ motivation and creativeness. This is a great enhance for the efficiency and the working style.

Improvements and maintenance of the workshop environment needs every employee abiding himself/herself with rules and regulations. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. It is the duty of every employee to comply with the rules and regulations. People should have the spirit of innovation, should dare to break the rules, but not at will, people should learn to self-restraint or accept the constraints from the outside world while promoting their individuality in order to achieve a win-win situation. Compliance with the rules and regulations is a kind of restraint to people, it is to ensure that the workshop environment can be effectively improved and orderly maintenance of the premise.

Every employee in the shop should have the spirit of ownership. If you always think: "I work for the company, the company pays my salary.” This makes it difficult to give yourself and your company a chance to grow, not to mention other goals. Every employee in the workshop should have the same care for the workshop environment as they do for their own home, everyone is a part of the family, only then we will play their own initiative to constantly find problems and identify deficiencies, contribute to the improvement and maintenance of the workshop environment, so that we can work happily in a comfortable environment. The spirit of ownership is the source for improvements and maintenance of the workshop environment.

Furthermore, it is necessary for everyone to have the idea of not being accustomed to bad habits, and to be bold enough to point out the bad habits of people who damage the workshop environment: when processing and assembling products, they only do so for their own convenience and do not care about the behavior of others, etc., and to urge them to correct them. Let these positive energies infect everyone around you. Keep this positive energy not be extinguished and the ship of positive energy not sink. Zero tolerance for the bad habits is the continue of workshop environment improvement and maintenance.

Since the monthly improvement project began, Changchun Engley tool manufacturing company has been committing to improving the workshop environment to avoid the adverse effects on work safety and production efficiency due to the dirty, messy and poor workshop environment. Every employee works together to improve everything, starting from the little things, improving a little bit every day, and the maintenance and continuous improvement needs the efforts of every employee.

We hope every employee will have a happy memory at Engley, be pragmatic in every step, and Engley will have a bright future.

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