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The star of the craftsmen - skills competition
Release time:2022-04-24

The star of the craftsmen

The first skills competition of Changchun Engley group in 2021


      The skills competition is an important way for the employees to build up their technical skills. It is an interpretation of individual comprehensive quality and skill level of all participants. It is also a test on each company for the emphasis they laid on enhancing the employee skills and promoting the talent selection and training. And the skills competition plays an important role for improving the overall quality of the staff team and promoting the sustainable development of enterprise. In 2021, Engley group launched the first "star of the craftsmen" skills competition for the employees. The scope of competition covers stamping, quick tool-change for injection molding, quality defects identification, forklift driving skills etc.









      The skills competition this year represents that Engley has already launched the process for production skill improvement. For each participant, it is an undergo, an experience, and of great importance. The participants devoted into the competition with full enthusiasm and tenacious spirit, and showed the style and level of the competition, showing the vigorous and upward spirit of Engley people. The competition is not only a demonstration of skills, but also a demonstration of potential in various aspects. In the process of mutual competition, we learn the advantages of our competitors, discover our own shortcomings, gain new knowledge and experiences, and effectively improve our skills. We hope that this competition will stir up thousand wave, inspiring and attracting more front-line employees to learn and practice their skills, and create wealth for the company with their skills.

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