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Start from the heart and travel around Engley
Release time:2022-04-24



     In order to help the interns/reserve cadres integrating into the company quickly, the human resource and administration department organized a corporate culture experience trip in Changchun named “start from the heart and travel around Engley - year 2021 the "new force" in car manufacturing”. The project fully reflects the company's mission of "good company, good life", and it is performed with fun and educational staff experience activities, including team experience activities and individual experience activities, so that employees can fully understand and feel the corporate culture in the process, establish a unified corporate values and behavior patterns, cultivate a good work mentality, professional quality, teamwork awareness, enhance the new employees’ experience of the company and lay a solid foundation for competent work.

Station 01   "I want to see you”


     On August 12th, we officially started the journey with the event "Face to Face with the CEO". 16 interns and reserve cadres participated in the event, and we were honored to invite Mr. WU Tingbo, CEO of Engley Changchun to attend the event and communicate with us.

     And Mr. WU gave valuable advice on how to work and how to solve problems He emphasized that we should maintain the motivation to keep learning and not be afraid of the failure. We can also learn something from the failures. And we should have the founder's spirit of being a pioneer! Mr. WU's wonderful sharing has opened up the vision of the employees and enabled the young talents who have just entered the society to think about their roles and responsibilities in the society and enterprises from multiple perspectives and at a higher level, and to have better planning for their careers, which has benefited the employees a lot.

Station 02  "Scattered treasures”


     From August 16 to 20, 2021, the second station of the journey, "Scattered treasures," began. First of all, the human resources and administration department selected one stamping and one welding product each, and sent them to the "treasure hunt" target. Each team received their assignment and actively prepared and find resources. Team 1 developed a detailed treasure hunting plan and division of tasks. Team 2 found a person who was very familiar with the factory to lead the way directly to where the part was produced. The two teams have their own distinctive patterns.

     After the safety training, the "new forces" officially entered the plant and started the "treasure hunting". In the process of "treasure hunting", the "new forces" actively searched and mobilized various resources, and completed their respective "treasure hunting tasks" brilliantly.

     After the "treasure hunting", the two teams sent representatives to share their respective "treasures". They shared information learned on products, production process, process, equipment, etc. After the sharing, the two teams also asked questions to "test" each other and had a discussion to further consolidate the learning content.

Station 03  "Finding ways for success”


     On August 23, 2021, the third station of the "new force" corporate culture experience tour - "Finding ways for succeed" launched as scheduled. During the journey, the "new power" students learned OKR working method through OKR tutor’s trainings and self-study. The team initially tried to set their own OKRs and shared them on the afternoon of August 27.

     During the sharing process, we reviewed each other, discussed together, and gained a deeper understanding of the basic concepts and setting principles of OKR. After the meeting, everyone readjusted their OKRs, and the next step would be to practice them.

     In behavioral psychology, the phenomenon that it takes at least 21 days for a person's new habits or ideas to form and take hold is known as the 21-day effect. This means that a person's action, or thought, after repeated for 21 days, it becomes a habitual action or thought. We hope that the OKR work method can help these young talents who has just entered the workplace to develop good working habits and be consistent.

Station 04  "I love Engley - think and talk”


      From August 30 to September 3, 2021, the "new force" interviewed the old employees who has more than 10 years working experience in Engley. The "new force” chose their own interviewees and prepare an interview outline. They are able to gain a deeper understanding of the company and its corporate culture through communication with veteran employees. The veteran employees also shared their working experience and advice for the "new power".

Station 05   "Thanks for having you”


     Everyone has impressive teachers along the way, either as a guide on their own learning path or as a guiding light on the road of life. No one can do without teachers, no matter what kind of profession you are in, no matter how great your achievements are, how high your fame and status is, teachers are the ladder of your success, and what we get from the teachers who have taught us is a wealth that we can use for the rest of our lives. For the first time, our new car makers have prepared blessings and gifts for their "tutors" in the workplace outside the campus on September 10.

     This may also be the "first time" for these tutors, the first time to lead people, the first time to spend the Teacher's Day, the first time to receive a surprise......

Station 06   "Never walk alone”


     Through this period of time, all the "new forces" have established a deep friendship, due to the different internship period of each member, and they cherish the time together, the original scheduled September 17 event was moved up to September 5. Before the start of the team-building activity, under the communication and coordination of the two team leaders, it was decided to conduct the team-building together. Two teams made a clear division of tasks, team 1 is in charge of the basic survey of all members of the team-building to determine the final program of the team-building activities, team 2 is in charge of determining the team-building site ......

     The members of the "new force" were able to enhance their relationship with the colleagues through food and games, making the subsequent "new force" activities more participatory and interactive. At the same time, it effectively releases the work pressure, so that all members of the new force can face the future life and work with a positive and optimistic attitude.

Station 07   "Visions on the fingertip”


The camera records every moment

Let this moment be frozen in a picture

Let this moment become eternal

Let this eternity be a memory ......

The "new force" recorded their own growth in Engley.

Expressing their feelings in Engley with the cameras ......

Take a moment from time and let it stand still

Frozen these people, these events and these processes

You can have your own style, just like your handwriting

But I wonder if 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years ......10 years, 20 years later, can you still stand in the original place to recall the past?

Station 08   "Sailing”


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