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Release time:2022-04-24


Vision: A provider for light weight solutions

     From design to mass production, we are skilled and innovative in applying various lightweight materials (single part and assembly); by mastering the whole chain of the lightweight technologies, through years of internal control process and reasonable distribution of production sites to serve medium and high-end customers, we provide the best cost-effective lightweight solutions for our target customers, and form a full coverage of our target customers in the demand market of lightweight parts, thus becoming the leader of lightweight parts solutions in China.



Better company: high customer recognition, deep-rooted corporate culture, strong core competitiveness, harmonious working atmosphere, comfortable and safe working environment, fair remuneration and promotion mechanism, employees have a sense of belonging and can realize their self-worth in the company.

Better life: good health, harmonized family, ability to spend time with family and improve oneself after work.


eT Culture

eTalk:  CFR - Conversation + Feedback (Feedback) + Recognition

eTeam: To maximize the interests of the group as the team's goal

eTrust: bilateral trust, between the shareholders and management team, between the managers and employees, between the managers, between the employees, between employees in the same department and between employees across departments

eThank:  sincere thanks; mutual respect; understanding and tolerance; focus on the individual

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